Fashion First

31 Jan

A major milestone in the world of fashion occurred this Sunday. An openly transsexual model graced the runway for Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Brazilian model Lea T. (born as Leandro Cerezo) walked to runways this weekend to amazing acceptance and huge applause from almost everyone in the audience.

Lea is no stranger to the glitz and glamor of the fashion world. Since beginning her career, she has been a face for Givenchy, been in numerous photoshoots and magazine spreads and even appeared as a magazine cover feature alongside supermodel Kate Moss. She is a very hot commodity in english fashions right now.

It has not been an easy journey or Lea. As an open and proud transsexual she has and is still receiving much backlash and criticism or her sexual orientation ad how she chooses to live her life. I believe, despite everything, she is a great role model for anyone. She has never let the harsh treatment stop her from reaching her goals. She continues to strive for the best and to become a major staple in the modeling and fashion industry. We could all learn from her. Sheis the perfect example that no matter what situation you may face or no matter who is against you, you can always make turn the darkest nights into your brightest hour and achieve anything.


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