Archive | February, 2011

Levi’s Woman-hunt

22 Feb

Almost everyone owns a pair of Levi’s jeans, or if not, you know someone who does.  The company has been a favorite and long-standing force in the fashion industry.

Now, Levi’s is on the prowl and searching for one female to be the new face and “online voice of Levi’s women”. The lucky female who is selected is set to become a local media superstar and will enjoy a number of great benefits including:

  • paid internship with the global Levi’s company
  • become a spokeswoman for the brand

The contest will be conducted through Facebook. Those interested must submit a 1-2 minute video to the company’s Facebook app. After all submissions are in and the deadline is reached,  Levi’s will go through the entries and select five finalists, whose videos will then be shared on Levi’s Facebook Page. Members of Facebook will then be able to vote for their favorite candidate, Levi’s will tally the votes, and the winner will be announced sometime in late July.

Levi’s brand believes their decision to conduct the contest online will make it easier and more exciting for those entering and those voting, but it is also very beneficial for the company & increase its media value. Director of Women’s & Digital Marketing Kristin Bannister explained that “it’s more about engagement…we don’t put strict measurements on sales.” The brand has over 300,000 Facebook fans, which is expected to grow even more due to the contest.

I believe Levi’s is doing a good thing and has launched a great campaign. Its boosts a very desirable prize and not only will it receive more business and awareness, it may also increase activity among Facebook users and potentially introduce new ones. It is a partnership that benefits all involved.


Bronzer; The Dark Skin Sin

14 Feb

When most people think of bronzers, they tend to envision a model with tan skin, looking as if she just stepped off a plane from the Caribbean Islands. The common idea among women of color is that bronzers are only for pale white women who want their skin to look a shade darker.

This is far from true.

I am an avid user of bronzer.  It makes my entire face seem to glow. I don’t wear blush at all,  so a bronzer is my best friend when it comes to color on my cheeks.

There are many different types of bronzers. From doing much research and testing, I’ve found out that cream-based bronzers  usually work well for normal to dry skin, but if your skin is oily, try a liquid-based bronzer. The oil in your skin can break down the cream in the bronzer. Powder bronzer tends to be too glittery for most people. For a natural, everyday glow, mix your bronzer into liquid foundation. Doing so makes it looks as if your skin is naturally bronze, and not like you have a layer of it on top of your skin. This is something you’ll need to experiment with to get the right mix.  You have to find the perfect neutral foundation for your skin; the added bronzer will enhance the color.

Basically, the key to finding the right bronzer is looking for one with lots of pigment. It takes time to find out what bronzer is just right for your skin tone. Finding the perfect match will result in a beautiful, glowing look, suitable for all season.

Blinging Beauty is a great website that features many different bronzers for all shades of dark skin tones. It does an excellent job of showing which products work best for each different skin tone and texture. It’s a great site for any women of color who is looking for the perfect makeup.