Seventeen Magazine

15 Mar

I may be 20 years old, but i am an avid reader of  Seventeen Magazine.

On the outside, the magazine may look like its for pre-pubescent girls who want to know what to expect for their first kiss, but in reality the magazine has much more substance than that.

The magazine is geared toward an audience of 14-23 year old females. It is filled with fun, up-to-date, and hot new fashions. It gives fashion tips and hints for different age groups and helps you make the most of your wardrobe.

Fashion is the main idea of Seventeen, but its definitely not the only thing that goes into the issues. The magazines are split into sections, featuring:

  • beauty
  • health
  • fashion
  • love life
  • your life
  • miscellaneous

Each section contains articles, advice, hints, and real life experience from real girls. With so much diversity and so much content within each issue, you are bound to find something you enjoy, can relate to, or want to learn more about.

Seventeen is published ten times a year (December/January & June/July are combined issues) and is a publication of Hearst Magazines. Newsstand prices are cheap, usually only $2.99. You can save even more through a subscription- ten dollars for one year, fifteen dollars for two years, and eighteen dollars for three years.

I would recommend the magazine to anyone!


One Response to “Seventeen Magazine”

  1. amcelroy April 19, 2011 at 12:37 am #

    I love seventeen magazine!! It updates me about new trends and beauty tips. I love taking the quizzes and reading the articles that give out relationship/love life advice. I never had a subscription for the magazine, but I do have friends that signed up for it and I love stealing their magazines to read.

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