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26 Jan

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Daily Life As A Server by Elisa Maura

I completely understand. I am not a server but I work as a hostess at a restaurant in St. Louis and sometimes I have to wait tables. Its not always easy to keep a smile on your face or apply the rule “the customer is always right” when they throw nothing but negativity towards you

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Spring Break 2011 by Raven Shelton

Im in the process of making plans for spring break right now. I never considered Las Vegas because Im not 21 yet, but it does seem like a really fun place to go for break. Too bad I’m not yet old enough to experience all it has to offer.

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Should assisted suicide be legalized? by Ngwe Njiwah

This is such a controversial issue, but i believe assisted suicide should be illegal! I  believe it is immoral to help someone kill themselves! If we believe suicide is so wrong, helping someone commit suicide is just as wrong! Doctors, in my opinion, should do everything in their power to help their patients, not help them expire faster.

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SIUe Parking by David Boarden

i agree! the parking here is so frustrating. i go to the gym a lot, and there is hardly any parking, and like you said, it is always a roped off area. parking in another lot thats far away from where you want to be is the worst! the walks are long and its even worse because of the weather

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Annoying Facebook Users by Amanda Stroud

I have encountered so many annoying facebook users! in fact, they are the reason i deleted my facebook. their updates and post were irrelevant and very annoying. it took away the fun of actually being on facebook when the majority of your news feed is filled with people and post you dont want to see.

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I need a vacation by Natalie Pitzer

I am also majoring in Speech Comm. I am in the process of looking for internships as well. A paid one would be amazing, but like you, im mainly looking just to get experience. And the siue website has not been much help to me either. I too have had to go to many outside sources in order to find more opportunities. So far, i have found one that is perfect for me and im in a great position to actually get it!

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Why it’s so hard to be a black male in America by Ace Moore

i agree with this, from a black female’s point of view. Its hard to be a black female in america as well. I believe we as an entire race dont have enough positive figures, and the ones we do have are overlooked for the negative one, such as rappers and careless athletes. Most black women we see are video girls, or sex symbols, so its like thats what all black women are expected to be….but we have so much more to offer.


Success is the Key by Kyara Wright

I love this post because  feel exactly the same. Growing up I always wanted to be a fashion designer or even model because I wanted to be in the spotlight. But now as I’ve gotten older, I realize I would enjoy working behind the scene. Public Relations is a great choice for me because I am very creative and I love solving problems and helping others get their ideas and points across. And i can still work in fashion as well!